Late last year, we awarded the Army Families Federation (AFF) with a grant of just over £41,500. This grant will go towards helping to establish four support groups in various locations and providing a safe place to meet and talk about the challenges Army families face.

This also gives AFF the chance to hear first-hand of the elements of Army family life that affect them most, so they can push for changes and improvements where needed.

Not only does our grant help their support groups, but it also helps to support two of their posts: Employment, Training, Money and Allowances post, and their Healthcare and Additional Needs post.

The AFF, founded in 1982 as the Federation of Army Wives Clubs, is a unique two-way communications link between the British Army and its families. The charity works hard to improve the quality of life for Army families around the world – on any aspect that is affected by the Army lifestyle.

AFF employs five Specialists who cover key issues of concern to Army families:

  • Housing
  • Health & Additional Needs
  • Education & Childcare
  • Army Reserves
  • Deployments
  • Money Matters
  • Employment & Training
  • Family Life

Their mission statement is as follows: AFF communicates, questions and influences policy at all levels, to improve the lives of the serving and resettling British Armed Forces community across the world. We offer support, information and guidance to individuals and Army communities on issues that impact on the quality of their lives.

AFF’s Heath & Additional Needs Specialist, Karen Ross, explains: “AFF is very grateful to ABF The Soldiers’ Charity for providing funding for this project, allowing us to set up family events to support parents who have children with additional needs and/or disability. We are currently scoping locations for these events and hope to run 7-8 sessions over the year.”