How we behave

Our values

Integrity – The Soldiers’ Charity is part of the Army’s and the Nation’s fabric; we must act accordingly.

Respect – we respect every individual and their needs.

Loyalty – we have a sense of loyalty to the Army as an institution, its people and those who support us.

Inspiration – we create opportunities and inspire others, with the emphasis on providing a ‘hand-up’ not a ‘hand-out’.

Commitment – we must be approachable, effective and quick to respond.

Courage – we act on behalf of our beneficiaries without fear or favour, telling it as it is.

Our Behaviour

Our Vision and Values underpin the way in which the Charity operates. It is axiomatic that the Charity’s behaviours must be beyond reproach and that all staff, Trustees and volunteers actively espouse the values of the Charity. We must also aspire to treat our Supporters, our Beneficiaries and all those with whom we work with the greatest of respect.

We are especially aware of our responsibilities to both our beneficiaries and supporters. For example, we do not participate in ‘cold calling’, street ‘chugging’, or pass on data or lists; and we aspire to be meticulous in thanking our loyal supporters.

In order to successfully deliver the Charity’s objectives – supporting soldiers, former soldiers and their immediate families, when they are in need – it is vital that the whole Charity is comprehensively and appropriately engaged with its supporters. These include donors, volunteers, ‘ambassadors’, sponsors, individuals and groups or organisations, both private and public, those in the Army and other uniformed Services, and people at all levels and from all walks of life

Through a pan-Charity culture of positive supporter engagement – with a compelling case for support, tailored communications, a wide variety of supporter activities, timely thank you’s and excellent governance – our supporters are more likely to be attracted, sustained and retained, potentially increasing our fundraising capability to meet the needs of our beneficiaries.

We are equally clear on the need to make sure our money is effectively spent. So we help delivery charities prepare their bids for our Grants Committee to consider; we closely monitor how our grants are spent including a formal programme of Trustee-led visits to the many charities that we fund, and we expend substantial staff effort on coordination and de-confliction with others. We take this sector wide view, not least because as much as 80% of all cases of need relate to Army personnel.

We act in accordance with the Institute of Fundraising (IoF) guidelines, the Fundraising Regulator, the Charities Commission (and the Office of Scottish Charity Regulator & the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland), Companies House, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), the Gambling Commission, the Advertising Standards Authority and the Direct Marketing Commission (DMC).


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