The Commandos’ Benevolent Fund has transferred its charitable responsibilities to ABF The Soldiers’ Charity as of 2017.

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A note from the Trustees of The Commandos’ Benevolent Fund:

The Commandos’ Benevolent Fund – a brief history

Commandos landing on the beach of NormandyThe Commandos’ Benevolent Fund has been in existence for more than 70 years since its creation in 1943.  Over that time the Fund’s Trustees have helped ex World War Two Army Commandos and their widows and dependants with financial support and also supported financially the Commando Association and, more recently, the Commando Veterans Association in their various activities.

The number of surviving WW2 Commandos has inevitably reduced, the decline accelerating over recent years,  and, with it, the calls for help.  The Trustees have therefore decided that it is no longer viable to maintain the operations of the Fund and have examined ways of closing it down whilst ensuring that any further requests from any survivors are met as far into the future as necessary.

ABF The Soldiers' CharityABF The Soldiers’ Charity – safeguarding the future of former Commandos and their dependents

Following this review, the Trustees decided that the best solution lay with ABF The Soldiers’ Charity.  The Charity has a long record of supporting service personnel and in fact can offer a wider range of support than was available from the Commandos’ Benevolent Fund.  It has significant financial investments and a highly professional organisation and Trustees.  The Soldiers’ Charity has therefore, with immediate effect, taken on the funds and responsibilities of the Commandos’ Benevolent Fund.

All ex-Army Commandos and their widows and dependants who are looking for support should address their requests to ABF The Soldiers’ Charity. The key criterion for being able to call on the Fund’s help is service with the Army Commandos, who were disbanded at the end of the Second World War as the soldiers returned to their units or were demobbed. Service in more recent years with other Commando groups such as 3 Commando Brigade does not entitle people to help under the Commandos’ Benevolent Fund’s charity charter, but of course assistance where needed can be sought from The Soldiers’ Charity through respective Regimental and Corps Associations.

For more information on how to apply for a grant, please click here.

“It is a great privilege for The Soldiers’ Charity to continue the charitable mission of The Commandos’ Benevolent Fund. We view this as a prime example of the hugely positive collaborative work happening in the veterans charitable sector. By combining our resources and expertise, we have been able to make progress in expanding the spectrum of support available, whilst efficiently addressing the continuing needs of former Army Commandos and their dependants.”

Col (Retd) Barney Haugh CBE, Director of Grants & Welfare
ABF The Soldiers’ Charity

More information

Should you have any questions regarding the transfer of duties, please do not hesitate to contact The Soldiers’ Charity’s Partnerships Team by emailing or calling 020 7811 3234.