Pyrenees Escape Route Challenge

29th July – 4th August 2022

We are delighted to announce the launch of a new trek – ‘Pyrenees Escape Route Challenge’. This is a fabulous four-day trek in the magnificent Pyrenees Mountains from France into Spain which is not for the faint-hearted.

The trek commemorates the escape route used during World War II from Vichy France into Spain. Local people risked their lives to help thousands of allied servicemen and Jewish refugees fleeing to safety. The route passes plaques and memorials dedicated to their bravery. The trail starts in St. Girons in France and finishes in Alos d’Isil in Spain with ascents of approximately 2,500 metres over some challenging terrain.

The Pyrenees Escape Route Challenge is a once in a lifetime adventure. An arduous trek with local guides and experts to bring to life the exploits of those who crossed this escape route in conditions far worse than anything current day participants might encounter.


Challenge highlights

  • You will arrive in France with an overnight in a hotel before the Pyrenees Escape Route Challenge adventure begins.
  • The first day of trekking is approximately eight to nine hours walking (23kms) with 1,070m ascent and 675m descent.
  • Day 2 of trekking consists of approximately five to six hours walking (16kms) with 1,100m ascent and 400m descent.
  • Day 3 will be a 13km walk with 1,390m ascent and 640m descent (seven to eight hours).
  • Day 4. The final day will be a seven hour walk (10kms) 600m ascent and 1,300m descent, arriving in Spain followed by  a celebratory feast.


Dates and group size

  • The dates for the Pyrenees Escape Route Challenge are 29th July to 4th August 2022.
  • Minimum group size will be 20 people.
  • Maximum group size for each trek is 30 people. Demand is likely to be very high as this is the first time the Pyrenees Escape Route Challenge event has been conducted by the charity.
  • The deadline for registering is 30th January 2022 and places will be allocated on a first come first served basis.


Are you Interested?

Interested in entering as an individual or know five people or more interested in entering a team from your company?

If you would like to take on the Pyrenees Escape Route Challenge, please register your interest with us and we will talk you through the itinerary, fundraising and details of the trip.

For more information about the Pyrenees Escape Route Challenge, please visit the South East page for all the contact details of the regional team or email us directly at: