Race the World 2021

Race the World LogoSoldiers from across the country took part in our very first Race the World – The Seven Continents Virtual Challenge in the Autumn of 2020. Units raced each other across the seven continents – cycling, tabbing, rowing, swimming and running – clocking up to an incredible 35,000km per unit and raising an amazing £18,000 for our charity. The competition was fierce, making Race the World a very welcome distraction from COVID-19.

Race the World will return next year. Will your unit be the champions of 2021?

Battling to cover the distance of the continents, teams are expected to blaze a trail around the world to beat the competition, in addition to raising money for our charity.

The Competition

Race the World is open to any Army unit, Regular and Reserve. Teams can opt to complete three continents (Bronze), five continents (Silver) or all seven continents (Gold). Continents will be completed within a specified time period. Fundraising efforts will be rewarded by distance bonuses during some stages of the race. Strava will be used to collect results via an online platform.

Teams will swim, tab, cycle row or run, but we aware some activities may attract a small handicap (to discourage teams from simply smashing out the whole distance on a Watt Bike!) Tougher activities, like swimming, will attract a bonus.

Families are strongly encouraged to support Race the World, either by contributing to the distances achieved, or by assisting with fundraising through linked social events, such as a themed party at the end of each continent.

1 LANCS with Rick Clements
1 LANCS Race the World Team 2020 with charity ambassador, Sgt Rick Clements

You can take part in Race the World from any location. We are used to supporting our fundraisers wherever they are deployed worldwide. Leader boards will be published regularly alongside updates on social media. Entries can also count towards your unit’s fundraising in the Carrington Drum competition.

Race the World Pre-Registration

Units are  encouraged to register their interest in taking part in Race the World 2021 now using the form at the link below. This will allow us to keep you up to date with our race preparations. In addition, an Army Briefing Note (ABN) will be published in June 2021 with further details of the challenge.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Race the World team by emailing racetheworld@soldierscharity.org. We are here to help!

Thank you for your support.