The UK’s toughest 10km run.

Based on an Army basic training exercise called a march and shoot, Rifle Run is a 10km run, if you can shoot straight.

The first and only event of its kind.

Hit the target or face the penalty. Experience the adrenaline of a cross-country running race, combined with the thrill of shooting.

The Concept

  • One 10km cross country running course.
  • Three shooting challenges.
  • 20 targets for you to hit in total

These are a mixture of air-rifle or shotgun.

For every shot you miss, you face a 250m penalty lap

  • Hit 20/20 and run 10km
  • Hit 0/20 and run 15km

Hit 15 or more shots and you reach ‘marksman’ status

The Price

Rifle Run South is currently in the ‘Early-Early Bird Registration period, which ends on the 5th December 2019.

Early-Early Bird Registration Register for £39pp, or £156 for a team of 5.

Early Bird Registration Register for £44pp, or £176 for a team of 5.

Full priced registration is £49pp or £196 for a team of 5.


Rifle Run South has a minimum fundraising target of £100.

All the funds go to support soldiers, veterans and their families. We’ve got some great incentives to help you raise as much as possible – visit the ‘fundraising’ tab for more information.

Photos from previous Rifle Runs

Rifle Run 2019 - Official photos
Get in touch with Amy on or call 020 7811 3960.

Have a question?

Get in touch with Amy on or call 020 7811 3960.

Upcoming Rifle Runs

Rifle Run South 2020
Location EJ Churchill Shooting Ground
High Wycombe
HP13 3NS
Date 5th April 2020
Early-early bird: £39
Current team registration Early-early bird:
£156/team of 5
Fundraising target Fundraising target of £100

Sign up



We’ve got some great incentives to encourage you to rise through the ranks of our Fundraising Army.


  • Raise £50 and get a finishers photo.
  • Raise £150 and get a Fundraising Army t-shirt to run in.
  • Raise £250 and get letters for your t-shirt.
  • Raise £350 and we’ll buy you breakfast.
  • Raise £1,000 and get free entry to the next Rifle Run.


Be one of the first 20 to hit £600 and choose your start time (the one way to guarantee avoiding the crowds!)

Encourage 5 other people to Rifle Run and get a Rifle Run hoodie.

Fundraising Army banner



Sign up to Rifle Run and join the ranks of our Fundraising Army.

All recruits in our flagship events start off as a Private and are promoted when fundraising milestones have been achieved. How far will you rise? Outrank your mates – lace up and enlist now!

The cause you’re supporting


Need some inspiration to get fundraising? Visit our stories section to see more of the incredible people we’ve helped, like George Pas above.


In this section you’ll find information on training, for both the running and the shooting and other key details, such as what to wear and what to expect.

The Fundraising Army will be here to support you every step of the way and we have tried to make training as easy as possible for you.

The Running

We’re working with Ex-Military Personal Trainer Ed Kerry, who has put together a bespoke training guide which you’ll get sent through as soon as you register.

Our top tips include:

  1. Train on a variety of surfaces, don’t just focus on tarmac/road running.
  2. Get used to stopping and starting while you’re running.
  3. Train for 15km! While we have utmost faith in you all hitting 20/20 targets, you’ll be better prepared if you can run further.

The Shooting

The best thing to do is find your local shooting club, get in touch and get some practice in! Find your local club. 

Meanwhile, British Shooting training coach, Paul Langford shares his top 5 tips

What to wear

We recommend:

  • A pair of trainers – well worn in (don’t wear your brand new Nikes at Rifle Run) that you don’t mind getting muddy. They should provide support and padding. The route is mainly cross-country, so if you prefer trail shoes that’s up to you.
  • A pair of running tights, trousers or shorts which allow you maximum flexibility (good for getting up and down!)
  • A technical top or t-shirt. You’ll get a Fundraising Army T-shirt to wear on the day once you’ve raised £50.
  • A refillable water bottle (look the part and reduce our single-use plastic use with our branded bottle)

With the exception of a few core staff, Rifle Run is run nearly entirely by volunteers! We couldn’t run any of our events without our fantastic volunteers, and really appreciate you all turning out to support us.

Volunteer roles at Rifle Run could be anything from marshalling the route, registering people, monitoring the penalty laps to giving out goody bags and cheering people on.

More information can be found on our volunteer pack.

Ready to volunteer? Get in touch with Amy on or 0207 811 3960.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered below then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Event information

When is it?

Sunday, 5th April 2020

You will need to arrive at least 30 minutes before your start time to complete registration. During registration you’ll receive a safety briefing, your registration number and timing chip, and have the chance to meet other people taking part.

Where is the event held?

E.J. Churchill Shooting Ground, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, HP14 3NS

How much does it cost to take part?

Registration is £49 per person. The registration fee is non-refundable.

We do team discounts for teams of 5 or more. For every 5 people signed up you get 1 place free – or £39.20 per person.

Can I enter a team?

Yes! We encourage team entry, and a bit of healthy competition between friends. A team can be anywhere from 2-50 people, but we start doing discounts on teams of 5 or more.

To sign up as a team simply enter a team name when prompted during registration.

Can my company enter a team?

Yes! We do team packages for large teams, so get in touch with Amy on or call 020 7811 3960 to discuss your requirements.

Is there an age restriction?

The minimum age is 16. There is no upper age limit.

The Shooting

Who is managing the shooting/ranges?

The weapons and ranges are managed by British Shooting and E.J. Churchill. Instruction will be on a one-on-one basis

Is it safe?

Safety is paramount – to ensure this we have teamed up with British Shooting and E.J. Churchill to ensure that the weapons are carefully controlled and managed. Each range will have qualified instructors who will work with each runner one on one.

You won’t be running with the air-rifles or shotguns. When you arrive at the shooting range, the instructor will give you a quick briefing (if you need it), pass you the air-rifle or shotgun. You’ll then complete your 5 or 10 shots, hand the air-rifle or shotgun back and head off, completing any penalty laps before you continue on the course.

As with all such events which require physical exertion there is a small risk, however we do everything we can to get you as prepared as possible for the run itself.

What will I be shooting?

The shooting challenges are:

  • Air-Rifle: Standing x 5 shots
  • Air-Rifle: Prone x 5 shots
  • Shotgun: Clay-pigeon x 10 shots.

Two shooting challenges will be using an Air-Arms MPR and the third using a shotgun.

Route information

How far is it?

The minimum route is 10km – if you miss all of your shots you’ll run a maximum of 15km.

What is the terrain like?

The terrain for Rifle Run is really varied and covers tarmac, grass, loose stone, flat and hills. For more information visit the ‘route’ tab above.

Getting ready

Do I need to train?

You’ll need to train for the run! The better prepared you are for the run the steadier your hands will be for the shooting. We will send you a training plan to make sure you’re in tip top condition and stand more chance of hitting those targets.

What should I bring?

A full kit list will be sent out in the event newsletters.

What is my start time?

Your individual start time will be sent out no later than 1 week before the event.


What is the fundraising target?

We don’t ask you to raise a certain amount to take part in Rifle Run – but we do ask you to raise what you can for The Soldiers’ Charity. We’ve got some great incentives to encourage you to rise through the ranks of our Fundraising Army

Why do I have to raise money and where does it go?

Rifle Run raises money for ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, with the money raised going towards helping soldiers, veterans, and their families in times of greatest need. Find out more about who we’ve helped on our ‘stories’ section.

Can I get help with my fundraising?

Of course, e-mail or call us on 0207 811 3960. We can help with ideas, answer your queries, and provide you with any fundraising materials you may need – collection tins, t-shirts, wristbands etc.

How do I apply for matched funding from my employer?

Many companies will match up to 100% of the donations you collect. Each company has a different policy and so please contact your HR or corporate social responsibility teams to find out more.

Can I fundraise online?

Of course! We’re big fans of online fundraising at The Soldiers’ Charity. It’s quick, easy, and secure for both you and your sponsors. We recommend setting up a Just Giving page.

Can we fundraise jointly as a team?

Yes – it can make your fundraising easier if you fundraise together. You will even have a team fundraising page which is created automatically when you register as a team.

I’ve collected in my sponsorship money and have some cash and cheques. How can I pay everything in?

Cheques should be made payable to ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, and can be sent to us at:

Rifle Run
ABF The Soldiers’ Charity
Mountbarrow House
6-20 Elizabeth Street

If you have cash, please bank it and send us a cheque from your account or sponsor yourself on your online fundraising page.

When you send money in to us, please ensure that you write your name and ‘Rifle Run’ on the back of each cheque, and if you know your team’s name, add that too. This will ensure that money is allocated to your sponsorship total.

If after reading through the FAQ’s you still have any other questions or want to chat anything through give us a call on 0207 811 3960 or e-mail


Rifle Run Hall of Fame

The winners:

2019, Catton Hall: Morten Van Der Schee: 00:50:36
2019, High Wycombe: Darren Hestleton: 00:53:25
2018, High Wycombe: Jamie Pearson: 00:56:21

All time fastest

Male: Morten Van Der Schee (2019, Catton Hall): 00:50:36
Female: Lisa Broad (2019, Catton Hall): 01:11:36

Full results

2019 Catton Hall
2019 High Wycombe
2018 High Wycombe