We are delighted to announce the winners and runners up of the 2020/2021 Carrington Drum Award.  Very many congratulations to AFC Harrogate who keep the drum for another year:

1st        AFC (Harrogate)

2nd      27 Regiment RLC

3rd       29 Regiment RLC

If you are up for the task, enter your Unit in the 2021/22 Carrington Drum Award.  Each year, major and minor units, both Regular and Reserve, enter the Carrington Drum to win this prestigious prize by raising funds for ABF The Soldiers’ Charity. Whether organising a families day, a mountain climb, a coffee morning, a lorry pull, a log run or a car wash..…all your fundraising ideas and income will go towards your Unit entry.

A reminder, if your Unit takes part in our Race The World, The Seven Continents Challenge 2022, you can include your fundraising for this event within your Carrington Drum entry; it’s never too late to enter so fill in the form below, get some help and advice from your local office and start your entry for the 2021/22 challenge!

Carrington Drum

The winners will normally be judged to be the Unit or sub-Unit that raises, or helps to raise, the most money for the Charity, with extra points awarded for creativity or involvement of the wider community promoting the Charity to new supporters.  Previous years’ winners have seen Regiments & Corps and Training Units equally represented.  The Drum is normally presented at the Charity’s Annual Reception in June, stays in the winning unit for one year and is engraved with the winner’s name.

Thank you for all your support and good luck!

*Remember to take photos of your fundraising activities throughout the year, min resolution of 300dpi, please.

The Carrington Drum Registration Form

Submitting your entry

Once your Unit have completed their fundraising, please download and fill in the form below, before submitting it as appropriate.

Download entry form.