Do you want a Monty medal? Can you do a full Monty? Do you think you are up to it? Well, let us tell you how!

Register for the challenge and get your account! Set yourself a start date and then you have 30 days to complete the challenge.

Start your fitness app, do your run, walk, swim, crawl, steps, paddle, row… anything, as long as it registers your distance covered on your fitness app.

Upload a screen shot(s) and other photos up to 10 (we definitely need a selfie or two!!) of your app showing distance covered. Do this as many times as needed (within 30 days) to complete the 75 miles. Once you have completed 75 miles we will send you your Monty Medal. It is that easy!! Form a team with friends and challenge other teams of friends. Get healthy and walk a few miles a day, you will soon cover the distance.

If you can do some fundraising for us whilst you are doing it then all the better! Why not try to raise £75, a pound for each mile you are going to do?

Cannot manage 75 miles in a month? Then why not try the Mini Monty? We have paired up with MyRace to hold a 7.5 mile event wherever you want it to be! So it can be round the streets where you live, in the country, in the gym, on your running machine. Or you can get a group of friends to run/walk with you and have a mini challenge? However you want to do it you can. As the Full Monty, record it on your fitness app, upload a screenshot of your completed distance and we will send you a medal! Easy!

Finally we have our new Micro Monty! Encourage the children to get involved and do their own challenge. Just to walk/run/cycle a mile once they are registered, upload their finish photo showing their mile and they will receive their own Monty Medal! Maybe get nanny and grandad to sponsor them and do a bit of fundraising too! That is the beauty of all of these challenges – a challenge for all, anytime, anywhere! You just choose your distance.



Full Monty Challenge – 75 miles

Mini Monty Race – 7.5miles

Micro Monty for Children – 1 mile


Cost is £20 per person to register (this includes the cost of the medal and postage to you)

Any start date but the Montgomery Challenge must be finished by 31st December 2021

Any questions please contact Mark Dean or Karen Soley on either 01276 412673
or 07584 072450



1st January 2021 to 31st December 2021