The Soldiers’ Challenge Virtual Half is a virtual running event where we are encouraging all runners to take part in a virtual half marathon on Sunday 13th September – the day we would have been enjoying (or enduring!) the 40th Great North Run.

There are two options for taking part. The first is to enter the ‘Official’ Virtual Great North Run or to sign up directly through us to run your very own race – The Soldiers’ Challenge Virtual Half.

The Soldiers’ Challenge Virtual Half will start at 10:00 am on Sunday 13th September, and we would like you to complete your half marathon, either physically outside, or on a treadmill. When you have finished, please send us your time (using the form in your confirmatory email), and we allocate prizes. We will then publish a leader board at the end of the day. There will also be a warm-up session on Facebook page by one of our friendly Physical Training Instructors.

It is not all about winning so, in addition to the prize for the fastest time (The Dynamo Award), there will be a prize for the following categories:

Middle of the Pack – the prize for the runner who comes in the middle of the entries.
Naughty Ninth – the prize for the 9th runner.
Sweet Sixteenth – the prize for the 16th runner.
The Oscar – the prize for the best fancy dress.

There is no differentiation between age and gender – we believe that all of our runners are equally fantastic!

There is no cost to enter, and all runners will receive a personalised certificate on completion.

We would love for you to raise some money for your efforts, but we do understand if you do not feel able to; there is no fundraising target for this event. We have set up the event on Just Giving.

Registration is simple, please click here

If you have any questions, please do get in touch with us via email at Thank you for entering!