The Falklands Conflict

14 June 2022 marks 40 years since the end of the Falklands Conflict.

In response to Argentina's invasion of the British territories of South Georgia and the Falkland Islands on 2 April 1982, Great Britain dispatched, at short notice, an amphibious task force to the South Atlantic. To regain possession of these islands and reinforce the British sovereignty, the operation was to be achieved by either demonstration of intent, or actual combat.


Voices Of The Falklands Conflict Podcast

Our 40th anniversary podcast features testimonies from veterans who fought in the various campaign battles, and the broadcaster Robert Fox, who witnessed the conflict first-hand.


Stories from the Falklands Conflict

Stories from Lance Corporal Denzil Connick, WO2 John Phillips and Lance Corporal Maldwyn (Mal) Jones.


Falklands 40th Anniversary Events

Our charity is hosting various events across the nation to mark the 40th anniversary of the Falklands Conflict. Find out how you can get involved.