In February 2016, Cyclone Winston, a category 5 storm that hit Fiji, is said to have affected over 350,000 people and left over 40 dead. Over 200 of our veterans were affected by the natural disaster, which left houses destroyed and communication lines down.

Fiji Veteran Community

ABF The Soldiers’ Charity has given out grants on an individual basis to help repair and rebuild the homes of British Army veterans who have been affected. To date, we have given over £40,000 to this cause around the islands.

Daren Dangerfield, British Army Support Officer comments: “The financial support that The Soldiers’ Charity has provided has made a real difference to the quality of life for our veterans, post Cyclone Winston. Many of the non-veteran communities are still recovering, our veterans have either recovered or are in the final stages of doing so.”

Aid being given to Fijian veterans

Daren and his team in Fiji are doing some incredible work. They are constantly making sure that they’re doing regular face-to-face visits as well as securing and delivering zimmer frames and other aids to those who need them in remote villages.

To raise money for the cause, the team is currently looking at creating a charity walk called ‘Coast to Coast’, next year. This will see participants walking across Vitilevu, from North to South. They have already received an abundance of interest and are now looking at how best to plan the walk. Keep your eyes peeled for more information further down the line.

Fiji recovery

For those needing support, Daren also adds: “The BASO (British Army Support Office) provides the vital link between military personnel/units and their families, with veterans being a key part in our services. For veterans, it’s good to know that you have someone to turn to when life gets tough, whether you are 20 or 70 years old. The support we provide includes employment, housing, charity and wellbeing visits. If anyone needs our services please don’t hesitate to get in touch – – 00679 7077684.”