Discover tales of bravery and self-sacrifice as Mark Smith and Harry Bucknall delve into the history of British gallantry medals.

Released for Remembrance, this unique podcast features Antique’s Roadshow’s Mark Smith as he spotlights incredible stories of gallantry that deserved the highest recognition possible.

From the selfless service of NHS staff during the COVID-19 pandemic, to the bravery and stoicism of the people of Malta during World War Two – valour and self-sacrifice are like a golden thread woven through our history. These fleeting moments of extreme danger expose the rarest of traits – gallantry – where one places the lives of others above one’s own.

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In 1942, the George Cross was awarded to the people of Malta for their heroism and devotion during the early stages of World War Two. In this picture, Maltese children chat to sailors who have been unloading bombs for the island’s counter-offensive (IWM A 13058).