Grants to Charities & Organisations

Reading Force reading to a child
Partner charity Reading Force, which runs reading projects in Army garrison areas, launches a new initiative for nursery schools, funded by The Soldiers’ Charity.

ABF The Soldiers’ Charity has a well-established and substantial grants  programme of support to charities and organisations that provide lifetime support to soldiers, veterans and their immediate families. We will normally fund up to 100 charities in a given year which deliver support on behalf of the Army and ourselves.

In order to ensure that any grant given supports the Army Family, our charity has established guidelines for applicant charities and organisations. In particular, preference is given to charities and organisations which are members of the Confederation of Service Charities (Cobseo) or Veterans Scotland.

Guidelines for applying

Please read the guidelines as they will help you in establishing your eligibility and in making your application the best it can be to ensure success.

View our application guidelines here.


If, after reading our guidelines you believe you are eligible to make an application, please use the application form here to make your application. The main Grants Committee sits three times a year in February, June and November, with the Scottish Committee (dealing with requests for activities and charities/organisations based solely in Scotland) being held in April. Applications received from organisations that have not applied to the Charity within the last two years, and who are requesting grants of over £3o,000, will only be considered at the February Grants Committee. That said, the Charity will normally only consider grant requests up to £30,000 for such organisations and requests above this figure will require the organisation to make an informal approach first, (using the “” email address) indicating the status of the organisation, the nature of the request, other funding streams and the financial status of the organisation. The Charity will then consider the case and respond as appropriate

Grant applications are to be submitted by email on the application form in Word format with supporting documentation and should arrive within the dates below:

  • Between 2nd January 2020 and 2nd March 2020 for the April meeting of the Scottish Committee.
  • Between 1st April 2020 and 6th May 2020 for the June meeting of the Main Grants Committee.
  • Between 1st August 2020 and 9th October 2020 for the November meeting of the Main Grants Committee.
  • Between 2nd December 2019 and 17th January 2020 for the February meeting of the Main Grants Committee.

We hope to turn applications around within 12-16 weeks of receipt, with payments being made by BACS. Significant, new or novel grant requests will always be presented to a Trustee meeting which normally occurs within 3 weeks of the Grants Committee sitting. Our Grants Committee is always oversubscribed and it should not be assumed that an application being submitted will result in a grant being awarded. If the Grants Committee does award a grant, it is unlikely that they will cover the full costs of a project. All grant awards will be subject to our Terms and Conditions document which can be found here.

As part of our governance procedures, charities and organisations awarded a significant grant will be asked to complete our Outcomes Report. You can download a copy of the Report here.