Grants to Charities & Organisations

We were delighted to award a £100,000 grant to Royal Star & Garter, supporting their care for Army veterans.

ABF The Soldiers’ Charity has a well-established and substantial grants programme of support to charities and organisations that provide lifetime support to soldiers, veterans and their immediate families. We will normally fund up to 100 charities in a given year which deliver support on behalf of the Army and ourselves.

In order to ensure that any grant given supports the Army Family, our charity has established guidelines for applicant charities and organisations. In particular, preference is given to charities and organisations which are members of the Confederation of Service Charities (Cobseo) or Veterans Scotland.

Guidelines for applying

Please read the guidelines as they will help you in establishing your eligibility and in making your application the best it can be to ensure success.

View our application guidelines here


Our Grants Committee normally sits three times a year in February, June and November, with an additional Scottish Committee (dealing with requests for activities and charities/organisations based solely in Scotland) being held in April. New partners and projects are considered at the February Committee.

The next Grants Committee is in November with results published on or before 10 December. The window for applications will be open between 29 August and
4 October.

Click to open the FY23 24 Grant Application Form Version2 and download it to complete.  Complete all sections of the form then email it (in ‘Word’ format) along with your last audited Annual Report and Accounts to  Please note only one application can be made to the Committee.

Having read the application form and the supporting information on this website should you have any questions email these to

For those charities and organisations considering making an application please note:

  • Our individual grants programme will take priority over awards to other charities.
  • Charities must not assume a grant will be awarded. Given the current situation and our focus on individual awards it would be prudent to anticipate either no award or reduced funding from any historical norm.
  • Awards approved may be funded in a stage approach rather than the total award in one payment.
  • A set of Terms and Conditions will need to be signed before any grant is paid.  These will be issued with the award letter.

New Project/Partner applications

  • Current partners looking for funding to cover any new activity/project should email us at in advance with the outline of the activity/project and the funding requirements before any formal submission.
  • Any charity we have not supported in the previous 24 months must always contact us in advance by emailing before making a formal submission.

If your application falls into either of the above categories, your email must:

    • outline the scheme, the reasoning why it is needed
    • detail the outcomes to be achieved
    • the amount you will be requesting v total cost
    • how you will sustain funding going forward

We will get back to you as soon as possible with our decision on whether a formal application should be made. If we ask for an application, it will normally be considered at the end of our Financial Year at the February meeting. Where an application is made from an organisation with which we have no established relationship, any award is likely to be below £15,000 and it would be prudent to pitch accordingly. Every application will be considered on a case-by-case basis but failing to follow the above procedures may result in your application being rejected.