We stand at the forefront of support for the Army family. We award grants to individuals and families, and fund leading charities and organisations to ensure help is there when you need it. 

In FY 22/23, we helped 70,000 people in 45 countries worldwide, and funded 74 other charities and organisations that deliver frontline services. To find out more about our impact, read our FY 21/22 Annual Report.

Independent Living

From electric wheelchairs for injured veterans to specialist play equipment for disabled children, we provide mobility grants to help people live independently. We also fund a number of leading charities that support members of the Army family with physical disabilities.  

Former soldier Adrian was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy – a progressive muscle-weakening disease. We were proud to award a grant for a standing wheelchair, enabling him to stand and kiss his wife Lucy again. Find out more.

Elderly Care

Our support continues for life, long after service has ended. We are on hand to help with a range of needs, from stairlifts and reclining beds, to annuity payments and care home fees. We also fund organisations that provide care for elderly veterans and their partners all over the world.


Army life is a unique experience, and for some the transition to civilian life is challenging. We are here to help those who need additional support while taking this step. Our grants to individuals and charities enable former soldiers to embark on rewarding new careers. 

Mental Fitness

Mental health is a key area of our work. We provide far-reaching financial assistance to charities and organisations that tackle mental illness amongst the Army family – from substance dependency, to managing the symptoms of depression and PTSD.   

Combat Stress is our long-standing partner in the field of mental health. Last year, we awarded a £250,000 grant to support Army veterans battling mental ill-heath, including PTSD.

Army Families

We are here for Army families when the going gets tough. Our help comes in many forms – from funding a loved one’s funeral, to helping repair a leaking roof. We also fund charities that provide emotional and practical support to Army families and children. 

Walter needed support after an operational injury ended his Army career. We helped him, his wife and five daughters get back on their feet. Find out more.


We work hard to ensure that members of our Army family can live in safe and comfortable homes. We are on hand with individual grants for housing needs and fund a range of housing providers that offer accommodation to veterans and their families all over the country.  

Former soldier Kuziva was retraining as a nurse when his boiler broke. We supported him with a grant for a replacement, helping to keep his family safe and warm. Find out more.