The Soldiers’ Charity helps the Brain and Spinal Injury Centre (BASIC), based in Salford, in leading the way in the recovery of our injured veterans. The Charity exists to maximize independence for those with PTSD, brain and spinal injuries. By using Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Environment or CAREN, the centre enables veterans to practice real life situations in a virtual reality environment. Designed to rehabilitate injured soldiers, CAREN is the gold standard in rehabilitation and it speeds up recovery significantly.

Virtual Reality sessions put injured veterans at the helm of real-life situations.

Virtual Reality sessions put injured veterans at the helm of real-life situations.

So far, 37 veterans have benefited from virtual reality rehabilitation sessions, with three having ongoing treatment. We have spoken to three veterans who were happy to share their stories and talk about the incredible results they have achieved.

Chris sustained back injuries during service and was diagnosed with PTSD, which cause him to have a breakdown and lose his first civilian job. After just seven session Chris felt much calmer and in a better place. He is now full-time employed as a tram driver.

Kevin was not able to walk after three spinal operations and was starting to isolate himself. He regained the strength and confidence to go walking again after few treatments and says the therapy has extended his life.

John sustained a bleed to the brain and was paralysed and completely dependent on someone else. After eighteen sessions John achieved the incredible goal of being able to run again.

Today all three veterans have an active professional and social life.

BASIC relies largely on donations and grants to run its life-changing services in collaboration with the NHS. Over the last eighteen months, ABF The Soldiers’ Charity has made two significant grants to the centre helping to fund bursaries for the rehabilitation of injured military veterans. Thanks to your support, we can help ensure this pioneering work continues.