ABF The Soldiers’ Charity is committed to pro-actively safeguarding children, young people and vulnerable adults with whom the staff, or anyone acting on our behalf, come into contact, during fundraising, benevolence or outreach activities.

Examples of Charity activities in which staff may encounter children and or vulnerable adults include: work experience students under 18; school visits; community sports projects; national and regional participation events.

Whilst the Charity is not routinely engaged in face-to-face activities with its beneficiaries and generally operates in a removed capacity – at arm’s length – from them through third parties (the partnering organisations that deliver welfare on our behalf), the Charity must ensure that appropriate due diligence is carried out on these third-party organisations, ensuring that they have appropriate systems of control in place, including adequate safeguarding policies and procedures.

The Charity’s Safeguarding policy is here: Safeguarding policy