Kirstie, the wife of a veteran, lives with a condition that impacts her mobility. Our charity stepped in with a grant for an all-terrain wheelchair, enabling her to pursue her love of horse-riding.  

Kirstie’s husband served for six years in the Coldstream Guards, including two tours of Afghanistan. On his final tour, he was injured when two rocket-propelled grenades exploded behind him. He left the Army in 2012 and is now a self-employed gardener. The couple has six children.

Kirstie has a neurological condition that leaves her with uncontrollable and often painful muscle spasms, severe muscle fatigue, tiredness, blinding migraines and sleep deprivation. She was told after a serious fall a few years ago when her leg completely separated from the hip that she may never walk or ride on her horse again. However, after a series of operations and sheer determination, Kirstie is able to walk short distances with the aid of a crutch.

Our charity provided Kirstie with a grant for an all-terrain wheelchair, which has vastly improved her quality of life.  Kirstie is a para rider and her passion is para dressage, but due to her disabilities struggled to ride as she could not access her horse from a manual wheelchair.

“My new wheels have kept my dream alive of riding again now that I am independent again. I really cannot thank you enough. The Soldiers’ Charity has been absolutely amazing in giving me my life back – the nicest thing is to be able to pick my kids up from school on my own. We can walk with our dog, go shopping and visit the woods. I had no idea there was a charity out there that supported the families of serving soldiers and veterans. It has really been a life-changer.”


Kirstie’s family has become very involved with our charity. Kirstie launched her own soap business in November, with a donation from each bar going towards our work for the Army family. She says: “It’s been a lot of hard work but finally we are off the ground!” Her children also raise funds for our charity with different school initiatives.