Paul Lambert

Paul, from Leith, joined the army aged 25, following in his Grandfather and Great- Grandfather’s footsteps by signing up with his local infantry battalion, 1 SCOTS. In 2009, he was deployed on operations in Sangin, Afghanistan, an area he describes as ‘the worst of the worst’. During an intelligence mission, he was severely injured by an IED resulting in the loss of both legs, one finger and severe shrapnel wounds to his internal organs. Paul said he was “near death” and kept alive by his team and medics en-route to surgery. Two other soldiers who were good friends of Paul’s were tragically killed in the same incident.

Paul now uses a wheelchair. When he first came out of hospital he couldn’t get into his home because there was no wheelchair ramp so he turned to The Soldiers’ Charity for help. Through the Quick Reaction Fund we administered a grant for a ramp straight away and it was installed two days later.

Paul is now focusing on his rehabilitation and happily living with his fiancée in their new adapted bungalow. Showing typical soldier humour Paul told us “The Soldiers’ Charity was a big help, otherwise I’d be camping in the front garden. It was fantastic, there was no mucking about and it [the grant] only took a couple of days to sort out’.

The Charity is delighted to have the support of Paul’s fiancée Gillian who sits on our fundraising committee in Edinburgh. Paul says ‘I wouldn’t have got as far as I have without Gillian, I have a great support network and am stronger than ever before. But The Soldiers’ Charity is another support network and it’s proven to be as much for her as it is for me’.