Our charity has given the NSPCC a £20,000 grant towards the work they do at Tidworth Garrison. The NSPCC works to protect and prevent cruelty to children and our grant will go towards helping Service children and their families in Tidworth.


This support is delivered through groups such as ‘Time Together’ and ‘Babies’, supporting parents with children pre-school age and under, and ‘Military Lunch Clubs’, for children aged 5 to 14-years-old. These informal groups improve the wellbeing of the parents and their children as well as providing support for families and promoting social relationships for all who attend.


The ‘Military Lunch Clubs’ give children of serving personnel a space to discuss their experiences and talk, with a focus on developing emotional resilience.

At Tidworth Garrison the NSPCC has a ‘Pregnancy In Mind’ initiative to help parents who may suffer with anxiety or depression when preparing for their new arrival. With a lot of parents living on the garrison and with their partner likely to be away for a long period of time, on duty or at training, this may place pressure on the mother or father who is left behind, and can leave them feeling isolated. Though they may be living away from their own support network, these parents can visit the Centre and meet parents in a similar situation, be given expert advice and counselling, and, if new to the area, receive information about Tidworth and the resources available.

Vicky Wainwright, Team Manager at the NSPCC Tidworth Service Centre said:

“We are very grateful that ABF The Soldiers’ Charity has chosen to continue supporting our work at Tidworth Garrison. The NSPCC has been supporting families at Tidworth Garrison for 28 years, improving the wellbeing of serving personnel, their partners and their children. We run a variety of services, which have all been very well received by the families we support.

NSPCCWe know what soldiers’ wellbeing and their ability to perform effectively relies heavily on the support provided by their families. Thanks to dedicated partners like ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, we are here to support families when they need us most.”

Brigadier (Ret’d) Robin Bacon, Chief of Staff, ABF The Soldiers’ Charity adds: “The NSPCC is a fantastic organisation who help care for our children. The services for children and families provided in the Tidworth Garrison are vital for helping our soldiers, veterans and their families. A big thank you for your work!”


Photography by Tom Hull and Jon Challicom. The people pictured are volunteers.