Anniversary News

Up and down the country, we are celebrating 75 Years Of Service for the Army family. Take a look at our latest news.

28th May 2019

Our History, 1944: May and The Cryptic Tale of the D-Day Crossword Panic

  As we approach our 75th anniversary in August, we are looking back at the penultimate year of the Second World War and the circumstances which led to our founding. This time, we examine the cryptic tale of the D-Day crossword panic, where top-secret codenames creation to D-Day appeared in the Telegraph crossword. Meanwhile, Winston … Continued

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24th May 2019

Tales From 1944

On 6th June 1944, an Allied force of 156,000 troops converged on the Normandy coastline, landing on the beaches of Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno and Sword. This mass operation of air, land and sea involved months of meticulous planning, a fog of secrecy and the bravery of every soldier involved. D-Day, and the Normandy campaign … Continued

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2nd May 2019

Since 1944: Our 75th Anniversary Film

  In 1944, ABF The Soldiers’ Charity was formed to care for the soldiers, veterans and families caught up in the Second World War. This year, we are celebrating 75 years of service for the Army family. Our core purpose has not changed since 1944: we exist to ensure that all soldiers, veterans and their … Continued

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23rd April 2019

Our History, 1944: February

It is February 1944 and the tide of the Second World War is beginning to turn. In Burma, the Allies thwart the Japanese offensive. In France, Allied aircraft breach the walls of Amiens prison, securing the release of 258 French Resistance and political prisoners. And in Germany, Joseph Goebbels takes the unusual step of inflating … Continued

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