Born Survivor is a hardcore test of character, teamwork and valour!

Make no mistake; Born Survivor’s not your average trail run or obstacle event.

It’s designed to be tough and testing and it may just break you. You’ll need to be physically fit and mentally prepared to cope with the challenges and endure the suffering. Expect mud, expect hills, expect water, but don’t expect gimmicks; this course is the sort of challenge the British Army face in their training every day.

Entry Fee: £25

Fundraising Target: £100

Push yourself to the limit by tackling the ultimate military obstacle course designed by British Royal Marines Commandos. You’ll be put through your paces as you stampede over, under and through a series of military style obstacles across a 10km course of brutal and unforgiving terrain.

If you dare take on this adventure you’ll need to be prepared to display courage, determination and a stiff upper lip to conquer the challenge. Do you think you can do it?

The team that are entering Born Survivor for the Charity are called ‘The Mud Monsters’ so please make sure you enter it when required, and go join The Mud Monsters’ Facebook page to stay in contact!

Click here for more information and to enter.