We are delighted to invite you to a special presentation and demonstration by The Defence Explosive Ordnance Disposal, Munitions and Search (DEMS) Training Regiment.

DEMS Training Regiment is manned by personnel from all three services and is based over two sites: Bicester and Defence Munitions, Kineton, Warwickshire. At any one time, the Bicester site is likely to host up to 200 staff and 300 students and is a centre of excellence in training personnel to deal with the threat posed by Improvised Explosive Devices. 4,000 students will pass through the facility annually, taking part in one of the 73 courses offered. The site covers more than 200 acres and includes 32 separate specialist training spaces including a cave complex and an EOD dive pool.

The presentation will cover the role and tasks of the regiment and will include live demonstrations, after which guests are invited to enjoy a delicious curry lunch on the barracks.

This event is free of charge – we simply ask that you make a donation to attend and, where possible, Gift Aid your donation – as a contribution towards our vital work, supporting soldiers, veterans and their families in times of need, for life.

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